I had seen your work on different projects in Whistler and decided to work with you. Absolutely enjoyed working with you. You have an excellent team, very professional and responsible. We are 100% pleased with the product you provided. As I have mentioned to Leon in several opportunities, I will do my best to work with you on all our future projects. So far I have already given your contact information to 3 different builders. Thank you for your excellent product and services.

In the summer of 2016, my husband Jack and I undertook a significant renovation to the main floor of our house. Our contractor Roy, who had worked with CanWest Cabinetry on other home projects, suggested that we talk to the owner, Leon Minosky.

Leon came to our house, measured the kitchen, and showed us how we could geteverything we wanted into a new lay-out. We also had him measure for a built-in buffet in another area, as well as a new vanity for our powder room. CanWest offered more customized cabinets at a similar price as other quotes we got.

Because this is a family run business, there is a lot of pride taken in the work they all do. Every detail of the installation was carefully completed, from the hanging of doors to the placement of handles. We couldn’t be more pleased with how beautiful the different rooms came out. Every day we still pinch ourselves because we can’t believe the amazing transformation CanWest created in our house! We have already recommended CanWest Cabinetry to many of our friends.
The influence on us to choose Can West came from a positive renovation on our 2 bedroom suite a few years ago, maybe 5 or so. Leon installed the new kitchen and bath so we could re-rent it after 2 months of gutting it and renewing all the rooms. A friend, Steven Mayhew suggested Can West and we are really happy he did. Since that time Leon successfully installed the kitchen and bathrooms in a new build for friends at Whistler, John and Karen Wood and the job was very successful.

We very much enjoyed working with Can West and Leon. He went out of his way to remove the old cabinets and dishwasher when they were taken out at no request from us. During the renovation a friend, Roy Brown, of Roy Brown Homes met Leon and they have done business together since that time. The process from start to finish was smooth and we were kept up to date at every point. Leon was very easy to work with and we tried to help him out whenever we could. He is a very hard worker. We are really pleased with the results.

We would certainly hire Can West again. We have 3 bathrooms in our home that need to be brought up to the standard of the kitchen Leon remodeled. We will likely do at least one, if not all, next summer and will contract Can West to do the work. We have already recommended Can West to many friends who need its services. Roy Brown Homes is a good example of the good networking done through Leon.

Our finished kitchen has been seen and appreciated by all our friends who have seen it in the last year. It is about 14 or 15 months old as of today’s date. Please tell Leon that the deck awaits him and we’d love to have him over any time he’s up at Whistler. We’d like to show him our appreciation when he has some time to sit and chat for a while.
— Jessie Pendygrasse